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Chris Lewis - Xbox 360 European Interview (October 2006)

by Kikizo

Published 2006

Kikizo interviews Chris Lewis, Vice President, Home Entertainment, Microsoft EMEA (EMEA is Europe as well as Middle East and Africa, hence EMEA or "emmear").

This was done shortly after the X06 (Microsoft's game announcement event now discontinued), nearly a year after the Xbox 360's launch. The questions all focus, of course, on the Xbox 360, the European and especially UK market. There are also some questions about promises, support and the next generation. See the segments list for full information on the questions.

The original video source is available at Kikizo. Thanks to Kikizo for the source.

Run time 00:14:46
Producer Kikizo
Production Company Kikizo
Audio/Visual Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps (kikizo_ed480p60_chrislewis_vidiv_oct06.wmv), Windows Media Video 9 856x480 60.00fps 1291Kbps (kikizo_ed480p60_chrislewis_vidiv_oct06.wmv)
Language English
Contact Information Kikizo; <a href="></a>


<ul><li>Reflecting on X06 presentation, launch
</li><li>Europe at top of priority map
</li><li>Full EMEA support from Robbie Bach and Steve Ballmer
</li><li>Our plans will not change based on the PS3 slippage
</li><li>Nontrivial aspects of global launch
</li><li>"We're a paranoid organisation, we will always worry"
</li><li>Momentum and market share in console market
</li><li>Contribution to worldwide sales
</li><li>The UK is a fantastic market for us - savvy audience
</li><li>Xbox 1 dangerous assumptions on territory content
</li><li>PES6 exclusivity truth - Konami VS Microsoft, fight!
</li><li>Peter Jackson, how much weight has he lost? Oh, and about his deal with Microsoft too
</li><li>Consistent marketing, continued megaton announcements promised
</li><li>"The most exciting developments are still to come"
</li><li>Service Level Agreement with users, delivering on promises
</li><li>Next-Next-Gen: "Of course we're thinking about that..." - first comments on lifecycle of Xbox 360, inherent 360 evolution and expansion, and the NEXT thing...


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